Opening hours

Adventure Park 

Opening hours:

Wed.-Fri 12.00-19.00

Sat. 11.00-19.00

Sun. 11.00-18.00

Vimka info

Have you outgrown the playgrounds? — Vimka is a new level!

It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer outside, Vimka is made for adventures.

In physics class, they talk about the speed of light, but in Vimka, life moves at the speed of adventure!

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Perfectly maintained

... is Vimka's priority. If necessary, we work 24/7 for the best slopes to ensure the greatest driving pleasure and safety. We constantly invest in mountain equipment and continue to upgrade the snowmaking system with the aim of achieving an energy-efficient and nature-friendly solution.

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Viimsi SPA and sauna center with a Vimka season ticket -10%

As the weather is currently pleasantly crisp, Viimsi SPA and Vimka have agreed that everyone who enjoys our seasonal pass here can go to warm themselves in the sauna and hot tub after skiing at a 10% discount!

Present your seasonal pass purchase receipt at the Viimsi SPA cash desk and enjoy the discount!

But before that, be sure to stop by Vimka and get your skin wet on the slope, so the sauna will have an even better effect.  

Ski School Slopes are Open and Waiting for You!

For children and the young at heart. If the athletic and steep slopes may intimidate a more modest skier/snowboarder when viewed from below, there is a great alternative for beginners, both for children and adults, our gentle and beginner-friendly learning slopes. Those who find the main slopes too challenging can learn the basics of alpine skiing/snowboarding on our learning slope, which is free for children under 7 and ski school participants.

Once the first skills are acquired and the small learning slope seems too small, you can move on to a larger one that is even steeper than the main slope and especially suitable for snowboarding lessons.
Due to the current weather, the main learning slope is closed.

Lifts are closed during stormy and heavy snowfall weather!


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